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Give Nola Day Updates

GiveNOLA Day Updates as of 4/19/18

GiveNOLA Day Backend View

When you log in to the backend of your organization’s profile on May 1st, the only information that will be visible will be the processed donations that are a part of your GiveNOLA Day 2018 fundraising. All other tabs will be temporarily removed (Overview, Donation Levels, Events. Multimedia, Campaigns). If your organization participated in GiveNOLA Day 2017, donation information from last year will be temporarily inaccessible on May 1st (it will return on May 2nd). You’re welcome to download your 2017 donor information at any time before May 1st by clicking the “Export” button on the right side of the screen (under the Donation Information>Processed Donations tabs).

Scheduled Donations

The option for donors to schedule a gift opens at 12:01am on Tuesday, April 24th (one week before GiveNOLA Day) and is open until midnight on Monday, April 30th. All scheduled donations will be processed in the early hours of May 1st. If there is an issue (incorrect billing address, etc.) that prevents a scheduled donation from running, the staff of the Greater New Orleans Foundation will make every effort to connect with the donor at an appropriate hour to rectify the situation and have the gift processed and ensure those gift(s) are included in your GiveNOLA Day totals. Remember, scheduled gifts are not eligible for Rock Around the Clock prizes.

GiveNOLA Day Sub-Campaigns (optional tool)

As a reminder, all sub-campaigns (an optional tool) must be created and approved by midnight Tuesday, April 24th at which point they are frozen. Remember, nonprofits approve campaigns, the Greater New Orleans Foundation and the GiveNOLA Day management team have no control and/or authority over campaigns.

GiveNOLA Day Store

The GiveNOLA Day store is now open! With thanks to our partner, Moran Printing, you can now order items such as t-shirts, yard signs, and printed materials to promote your organization’s participation in GiveNOLA Day 2018! Please note you will need to create an account with Moran here as the store system is entirely separate from the GiveNOLA Day site. For future reference, you can access the store from the resources page on the backend or on the nonprofit information page on As always, you’re encouraged to order sooner rather than later as some items do run out. Please note, if you are picking up items you’ve ordered, they will be in Harahan this year, not at the same location as last year (109 Research Drive, Harahan, LA 70123).

GiveNOLA Fest!

Join us at GiveNOLA Fest! The free concert celebrates all the participating nonprofits and everyone who has given generously on GiveNOLA Day. May 1, 5:00pm-8:00pm, at the Center For Philanthropy, 919 St Charles Ave. The concert will feature Irma Thomas followed by The Soul Rebels, and a portion of all proceeds will benefit the Lagniappe Fund.

As always, don't hesitate to reach out with questions to or 504.598.4663

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