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High Voltage Starting 2024 Strong!

Senior Christmas/New Year Party

On December 28, High Voltage, the Hash House Harriers (Red Dress Run), Humana and  the Ross Group  hosted a News Years Party for seniors living in the Faubourg Lafitte Senior Apartments.  The seniors had a great time eating refreshments and playing Healthcare Bingo.  


MLK Day of Service 2024

This year High Voltage partnered with EskewDumezRipple for a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service to paint a Utility Box in honor of Mr. Donald Richardson, Legendary Band Director of the Andrew J. Bell Marching Crusaders.  Mr. Richardson was a culture bearer in Treme neighborhood and taught many local musicians how to play music. We thank EskewDumezRipple for helping us make this "Dream" a reality for us during their 10th Anniversary of serving the community in honor of Martin Luther KIng, Jr. 

Special thanks to:  Aaron Smith, Anna Dominque, Pete Martin, Hanna Dawley, Irelle Banks, Katherine Johnson and the City of New Orleans for working on this special project. .  A final presentation and celebration will be held on Friday, January 26 at the Contemporary Arts Center.  High Voltage thanks all of our volunteers and donors for this project.  For more information on this project, contact us at


Volunteer Appreciation

High Voltage thanks Gulf Coast Bank and Trust for donating UNO Basketball tickets to our volunteers for their services in month of January. Volunteers attended the January 20th Mens and Women's Basketball games at the UNO Lakefront Arena.

We appreciate our volunteers and donors for helping to keep our services and programs free of charge to the community. Upcoming volunteer opportunity: We need 2-3 volunteers for the Senior Citizen Mardi Gras party on February 6 from 11-1pm. Please email us if you woud like to volunteer at:


Mardi Gras Outreach 2024

On February 6 High Voltage, is partnering with Events North, and the Housing Authority New Orleans Resident Opportunity Self-Sufficiency program to provide and distribute toiletries for 655 seniors living in public housing, as well as teens living in Foster Care. Special thanks to Dorothy DeBlaso Senior Meeting and Events Manager at Events North for coordinating this project.


Senior Citizen Arts & Crafts Instructor

High Voltage is seeking an Arts and Crafts Instructor is responsible for the teaching and coordinating classes offered and to effectively organize activities for senior citizens to provide interesting arts and crafts projects to help strengthen their appreciation of art.


  • Minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent knowledge, skill or development in the arts and crafts department.

  •  A minimum of one year of supervisory experience of arts/crafts classes.

  •  Ability to be flexible and dependable.

  • Ability to work with seniors and staff  in a respectful, professional manner.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ability to provide new and exciting art programs for senior citizens based on their abilities.   

  • Must be respectful to all concerns of seniors. 

  • Ability to organize class roster and arrive prompt for all classes.

  •  Make sure work area is cleaned and organized before, during, and after class is completed.

  •  Ability to keep attendance and have an up-to-date class roster at all times.

Marginal Functions:

Call management office to post a sign in case of cancellation for a specific class

Work Hours and Compensation:

The position of Arts/Crafts Instructor is a part time position contract position and is paid monthly or semimonthly. The hours will vary in correlation to class schedule and times. The salary range for this position is based on experience. 

Cognitive Considerations:

Ability to communicate well verbally and in writing.

Instructor must be able to give directions and well as follow them.

Psychological Considerations:

Must be able to work with others in a respectful manner.

Must be able to work well with supervisor and be flexible with schedule.

Ability to handle work related stress along with complaints from senior citizens

Physical Considerations:

Must be able to sit or stand for periods of time  (1-2 hours) and crouch down to help seniors if something is dropped on the floor. 

To Apply:  Please submit your resume to: 


Join our 2025-2026 Board of Directors

Nominations are now being accepted for the High Voltage Board of Directors 2025-2026. We’re looking for candidates that reflect the diverse community in which we serve and operate, demostrate a strong commitment to civic engagement, volunteer service and skills to support our mission of serving youth, families and senior citizens.. Nominees must have 2 years volunteer experience with High Voltage. By becoming a part of our Board of Directors, you will play a crucial role in carrying out our mission and help revitalize our community, and help improve the quality of life in New Orleans.

Please submit your nomination (s) to by January 31, 2024.

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