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Your Best School Year Ever

High Voltage, Theta Beta Sigma Chair of Phi Beta Sigma, Dig Nation Guest speakers; Lou Furman (Community Mediation Services) Susan Norwood (Family & Education Services) Krystal Allen (Allen Consulting), Judge Terri Love,  Boxing Coach Don Oliver,  Corporate Sponsors: Capital One Bank and People's Health for hosting a Community Conflict Resolution and Academic Success Seminar for teens at New Orleans at the Mid-City Library on August 31st.  Teens not only gained skills on resolving their conflicts they had lots of food, beverages, bags of school supplies and toiletries to start this

year off right! 

Community Partner: Pontchartrain Club of the Kiwanis, and Joycelyn Temple Catering.    Thanks for a job well done bringing conflict resolution and academic success direct to the community. These are just a few photos from event.  

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